Elodea Committees

Steering Committee
The Elodea Steering Committee is overseeing the management of the Elodea infestation in Interior Alaska. This group of interested individuals will gather all needed information, utilizing the knowledge and skills of various subcommittees, to guide the planning process and finalize management recommendations.  In order to accomplish management goals, this body will also work to coordinate funding.
Control Subcommittee
The control group is working to establish the most logical and effective forms of control for the various infestations of Elodea. Currently, the group is conducting several trials to evaluate the effectiveness of hand pulling/cutting, shading, and mechanical removal (suction dredge & cutterhead dredge).
        Contact: Dr. Tricia Wurtz, (907) 451-2799
        Control Options Document - May 3, 2011
Survey Subcommittee
The survey group planned the broad survey effort to document Elodea locations in the Fairbanks area. Over a 3 month period 244 locations were surveyed, focusing on high use areas such as boat launches, road crossings, and float plane lakes.
        Contact: Aditi Shenoy, (907) 479-1213 ext 104
        Survey Results 2011
Research Subcommittee
The research group is a resource on scientific literature relating to Elodea. They are working to answer such questions as: what impacts will Elodea have on food web dynamics? How will Elodea impact native aquatic flora? What is the best way to monitor impacts of habitat before and after removal methods are applied?
        Contact: Amy Larsen, (907) 455-0622
Outreach Subcommittee
Education is key to stop the introduction and spread of invasive species. This group has identified stakeholder groups to get the message to, such as float plane pilots, fisherman, and aquarium retailers, as well as creating handout materials for distribution. Members of the outreach group are available to give presentations to your organization today!
        Contact: Joni Scharfenberg, (907) 479-1213 ext 104
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