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The Fairbanks Cooperative Weed Management Area (FCWMA) is a volunteer organization dedicated to preventing the introduction and spread of invasive plants in Interior Alaska.  Invasive non-native plants can have devastating impacts on native plant communities, fish and wildlife habitat, agricultural yields, recreational and subsistence opportunities, and ultimately, local economies.         This group is a partnership between various non-profit groups, businesses, private citizens, and governmental agencies.  

The FCWMA and its partners are leading efforts to manage invasive plants on public and private land in the Fairbanks area.  Through our partners' hard work, thousands of people have been educated about invasive plants, hundreds of acres have been surveyed, and numerous control projects have been carried out. 

To better manage invasive plants, FCWMA is always recruiting volunteers and partner agencies!  Use this website to learn more about all the exciting opportunities to educate youth, protect our invaluable natural resources, and prevent the spread of

invasive plants around the Fairbanks area. 

Vetch Busters!

Visit our 'programs' page to learn more about this new program from the Fairbanks CWMA


Check out this video made by Ms. Wood's 3rd grade class at Woodriver Elementary:

Bird Vetch is Invasive. If we work together we can stop this invasive plant!

How can I become involved in the Fairbanks CWMA?

Individuals can help by:

  • Learning about the impacts of invasive plants and being aware of local issues
  • Being a good neighbor by keeping your land free of invasive plants
  • Learning how to identify invasive plants
  • Do not dump aquariums into the wild!
  • Preventing the spread of invasive plants by washing your gear and shoes before setting off on trips and hikes into Alaska's backcountry

Educational Materials Learn About Invasives

Elodea Alert!





What is Elodea and why is this common water plant such a threat?
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Elodea nuttallii
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