About the Fairbanks CWMA

The Fairbanks CWMA was created in 2005 through an initial partnership with the Fairbanks Soil & Water Conservation District and the US Forest Service. Our service area reaches the greater Fairbanks area and South to Healy.


Goals of the Fairbanks CWMA

  1. Prevent the introduction and spread of noxious weeds and other invasive plants into and within the Fairbanks CWMA.
  2. Reduce the extent and density of newly established invasive plants to minimize spread.
  3. Implement effective, safe, and economic control methods for targeted species.
  4. Facilitate cooperation among those working to manage invasive plants within Interior Alaska.
  5. Educate citizens of the Fairbanks CWMA about invasive plants and their possible impacts.

View the Fairbanks CWMA strategic plan, which further outlines  priorities:

        FCWMA Strategic Plan - updated Oct 2010

Why does Fairbanks need a CWMA?

Our partners are already managing invasive plants, but through the CWMA we can coordinate our efforts. It allows us to improve effectiveness and efficiency of management, manage across jurisdictional boundaries, pool available resources, and prioritize issues.

Become an official member of the Fairbanks CWMA:

The Fairbanks CWMA officially gains new partners when new groups sign the memorandum of understanding, which outlines partnering agencies roles within the organization.  Please read the charter and MOU below and consider joining our group to help manage invasive plants. Individuals, agencies, businesses, and organizations are welcome!

        FCWMA MOU

For more information feel free to contact us at 907-479-1213 ext. 104 or FCWMA.tech@gmail.com  


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