Narrowleaf Hawksbeard


Narrowleaf Hawksbeard (Crepis tectorum) Sunflower family

Small infestations found in Fairbanks area - Report immeddiately if found! Call 479-1213

Annual or winter annual to 3 feet tall. Basal leaves are stalked and lance-shaped with margins varying from numerous backward-pointing teeth to deeply lobed.Stem leaves clasp the stem. Bracts below dandelion-like yellow ray flowers are smooth, lacking hairs. Milky juice produced by stems when broken.

Competes with seedlings, forage plants, cereals and oilseeds. Spreads into riparian areas and burned lands.

Common in the Kenai Peninsula. Often found on disturbed soil, waste places, river floodplains, or roadsides. Thrives in dry, coarse soils.

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